Emerging markets are often seen as a difficult place to do business, with complex regulations and a lack of infrastructure.

However, these markets also offer great potential for growth. With the population growing and becoming more affluent, there is a demand for better healthcare.

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Who We Are?

IHD is a healthcare business platform on a mission to empower better healthcare delivery in underserved areas in the middle east and Africa. Our team has a deep understanding of the region and works closely with medical technology vendors and healthcare stakeholders to identify and capitalize on growth opportunities across the middle east and Africa region. We are committed to improving access to quality healthcare for all, and our approach is grounded in innovation, entrepreneurship, and collaboration.

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How We Work?

IHD Middle East and Africa is a different kind of company. We rely on business intelligence and data analytics to provide our clients with the most accurate and actionable insights to make sound decisions in today’s rapidly changing world. Our team of business experts brings together years of experience in different Technology and Healthcare segments, giving us a unique perspective on the industries we serve. We have a powerful network of partners and distributors that allows us to reach every corner of the Middle East and Africa region and our global presence means we’re always close to our clients, no matter where they are.

about Ihdmea

Successful Business

Our Partner of Success 


Vara, the end-to-end platform for high-quality population-based breast cancer screening, has announced its official launch in Egypt in close cooperation with the healthcare business platform IHD Middle East and Africa, with the first three network radiology centers as a part of their ambitious roll-out plan, with 20 centers in 2023.


RadXpert provides medical imaging facilities and hospitals with a way to access specialist radiologists for accurate diagnosis, thanks to its innovative Teleradiology-As-A-Service. With our cutting-edge solution, there is no need for costly investment from our partners in order to benefit from pinpoint accuracy and timely reporting by qualified teams of professionals.